Leaky back window.

I’ve just discovered how bad my leaky rear window is.
Looky here
The first picture shows how rusty the clip is.
The second picture shows my missus shining a torch through the gap. That’s a big hole!
The third picture shows the other side, in the engine bay. You can see that There has been no effort to seal the window at the corners. No problem with the normal engine cover, but very exposed with the motorsport cover in place.

I’m getting a lot of water, and fumes coming in through there.

Question is: How best to plug the gap? It needs to look fairly tidy as it’s visible through the vent in the engine cover.

I would say there was an effort, the black foam between the two parts that the clip holds.
In my car it is tightly squeezed, no leak. Maybe the clip has lost tension?
Try undoing and re-bending it, if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to dissassemble it to see why it’s not fitting.

How is the other side?

There’s certainly not much tension in the clip, but I can’t see it ever pulling the roof down enough to close the gap. Maybe I need a second block of foam in there to plug the gap.
Do you think the foam would be any good at keeping water out? Maybe I need to find some rubber to put in there.

That kind of foam would, it’s a very tight kind of, impermeable.
Try to find some of that and see.

Brendan - I’d be tempted to release the brackets on both sides, and whatever else it needed to lift the roof a bit and either pull or cut out the existing foam and replace with something better.

Would an alternative - Heath Robinson - fix be just to glue/use double sided tape to fix a flap over the joint in the engine bay? Gaffer tape on both sides might work?

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think sorting out the foam would just redirect the water in a different direction. I’m inclined to go along with Steve’s suggestion to stop the water getting in there in the first place.
I’m almost tempted to fill the gap with clear silicon sealant from the engine bay side.

You can get black silicon sealant which would be better, mine has got loads of in various nooks and crannies