Leaking somewhere

Hi guys, not being into pulling the car into pieces myself I would appreciate advise on the following. During an oil change we noticed oil residue from where the gearbox meets the engine at the bottom of the case. It is not dripping but if you wipe it clean it will return after a few drives.It is about enough to leave a small patch on the undertray. Now it does not smell like engine oil and it is rather black. Could this be gearbox oil ?. I have never had it changed myself so Iam not sure what it should look / smell like. The mechanic doing the oil change rebuilds kit cars and said not to worry and to expect a little oil weep from a car like the exige. True or false ? Piece of mind required please. Many thanks and happy easter.

Does it have a slight sweet smell? If so could be g’box oil and as I just posted to someone else, could just be a g’box seal needing replacement

IMHO no car should leak any fluids

Don’t want to be a doomer but surely it is a sign of impending trouble, and could lead to a disastrous failure if not diagnosed and cured

That does not mean that you panic and stop driving it, but someone will be able to discover what it is, even if you have to have the ‘offending fluid’ tested by a lab !!

Have you measured the G/B oil level?

You’ll know then where it is from…

Is it between the gearbox and engine on the left hand side ?

If it is it could be a mainshaft oil seal leaking into the clutch housing ?

I have established it is not the driveshaft seals, g/box oil level was down 400ml so definitely g/box oil, do believe it is the mainshaft oil seal, will have it sorted when they do the head, just gonna keep an eye on level for now, only do 10 miles a week and it only seems to be a major problem at sustained highway cruising speeds when there is constant load. Oh well might need a sequential to solve this problem, will talk to my friendly sponsor (bank manager) about that.



If it is the gearbox as mine is, it will be most prominent after a long drive at sustained speeds, try a motorway trip after filling g/box to correct level if it is low as you do not want to destroy the box from low fluid levels, then check oil level when you return.

The last time i had black oil on the undertray the oil cooler sandwich plate at the filter was leaking slightly, i thought that had sorted it out but now the same problem you have. Try and align where the oil could be coming from as best you can from the undertray spots, where the oil started leaking from.

It is very dificult to diagnose, as it could be engine or g/box oil and could be a slight problem or a warning of imminent disaster, best to find the source and fix it soon. Would like to be of more help but i am not taking my box out for a while so i can’t give you a definite answer but right now it will be a chep repair, not a rebuild so best get it sorted soon

I too have just experienced the same issue - it almost looked as though I had a leak from the crankshaft (or hair line crack which was causing the oil leak) BUT after inspection it turns out to be that if the threaded bolts on crankshaft are not properly siliconed in then excess oil is able to leak out and into the clutch thus reducing the life of the clutch - it is a common issue I am told BUT am still a little confused as to why it exists…engineers themselves have looked at the blue prints and have given the nod for there being drilled holes in the side of the crankshaft -i.e. sleeve. Apologies as not hugely efficient in engine design / maintenance - Could you guess !>!!! If anyone requires more info let me know and I will supply “the correct terminology” Thanks

Many thanks for the words of wisdom,
Having done some more investigation work it is definately engine oil which appears in this gearbox crack. There is an arm next to where the two brake cables go to the rear of the car and this arm located right next to where the gearbox meets engine (all can be seen looking through the most rear whole of the undertray), and the whole lot gets covered in engine oil following a run. Garage mentioned rear engine seals as being common. Time to visit dealer for a repair or part ex me thinks (see questions and answers bit)