Leaking roof

helloIs it possible to repair a leaking roof or must it be replaced by a new one? Because at my exige it leaks on the front corners of the “air opening” and so it’s hard to place a sealing there.klaus

Klaus,never heard of a leaking roof like you describe. But it’s fiberglass, if there is a crack somewhere, I’m sure it can be fixed, even as a DIY project.Any pictures?Uldis

helloOn searching the forum I have found some entries about leaking but no solution for it. Here a picture of the corners where the water get inside the car.imageklaus[This message has been edited by beckk (edited 16 June 2003).]

Saw it.If the leak comes from the water that goes inside the intake and then leaks at those points, I’d try a DIY solution.Go to your local hardware store and buy some resin+catalizer (from a fiberglass repair kit) and apply it from the inside with a brush, making it all wet.That should go into any crack and seal it.Alternatively, they must sell some kind of sealamt that could do the work, but I don’t see any need to change the roof.Happy repairing…UldisPS - you are parking it under a roof, right?

hiso for your information my car is parking in the garage, but it leaks also at driving in the rain. Now I will try to seal the crack inside the car with silicone (image1, image1) after that I try to seal also the corners inside the roof but it’s difficult to reach this points. I hope that this reparing will a success.best regardsklaus[This message has been edited by beckk (edited 18 June 2003).]