Leak in the driveshaft area

I’ve got what appears to be a leak coming from the driveshaft area (the long driveshaft). Any ideas what this might be or if it serious?

It doesn’t appear to be leaking heavily, it did leave a spot on the undertray and there is residue on the shaft as well as on the gear linkages.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Did not get a chance to sort mine out last week, but have exactly the same symptoms,i assume it to be driveshaft sealsas the speedo drive plug seems clear. will report back tomorrow hopefully. Most likely cause on the board seems to be speedo sender that is not used on the exige, but do a search on gearbox leaks should help.More than likely some seapage or the driveshaft seals.

TBH, I doubt it’s the speedo sender, that’s much higher up and wouldn’t be too near the long shaft…

Almost 99% sure it’s the gearbox seal, very cheap part and not too difficult a job at all, just pop the driveshaft out, pull the old seal out and rubber mallet in a new one

But can you tell if it’s gearbox oil (quite thick and has a slightly sweet smell to it, that’s if it’s MTF94) or engine oil (probably black as sin and not such a sweet smell)… Gearbox oil and it’ll be the driveshaft seal…

Or has a CV boot split? Is it thick grease rather than oil???

The fluid has got some brown color to it, so I’m guessing it’s gearbox fluid and not motor oil.

Is it bad to run the car with a seal leak? As I said, it doesn’t appear to be a leaking too bad.

Nah, should be fine as long as it’s just weeping, I had my seal weeping for ages and done a couple of trackdays on it…

…saying that, if it does just let go and seize ya gearbox don’t blame me Just remeber to depress the clutch ASAP

But the seal is about �8 IIRC and dead easy to fit so either cheap at the next service or a DIY which’ll be a couple of hours…

Almost everything in the States is a DIY on these cars!!!


I had my mechanic over to look at the leak this weekend - he thinks it is the inner CV leaking, not the driveshaft seal. It’s my understanding that the CV is packed with grease - does any trans fluid flow into the CV?

Excuse my mechanical newbie questions (I’m good with the basic maint. stuff)…

No, the CV joint is sealed from the gearbox and as you say is filled with grease and not oil. If your leak is oil and not grease then it deffo sounds like the driveshaft seal. I guess the oil may have soaked the CV and may look like it is coming from there.


Yes - the CV book is soaked with fluid. I can’t see any motor oil leaking down anywhere so I assume it is gearbox oil.

I think it can only be gearbox fluid and that the seal has gone. There’s nowhere in that area that could leak engine oil onto the CV joint as far as my memory serves. Plus if you smell the fluid, gearbox oil has a sweeter smell than engine oil. Pull your dipstick out and sniff that if you can’t tell the difference.


Yes - the CV book is soaked with fluid. I can’t see any motor oil leaking down anywhere so I assume it is gearbox oil.

Please note that the grease can look like fluid after a CV boot has let go - as already stated you need to compare with engine and g/box fluids and if colour/smell are different then assume its grease.

Also if the CV boot is going it’ll show signs of wear, a crack or tear in the boot or the rubber looking like it’s burnt or perished…