Le mans?

Is anyone heading down to the 24hrs this year? I know some are heading to the classic later on but at the moment it seems like a crowd from SELOC are going but cant see any exiges in the mix…

RussT & myself are going down in Russ’s Gay Lardy - sailing Thursday night from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, then returning on the Monday. We’re staying at our usual 5* campsite at Chateau de Chanteloup, approx 12 miles from the circuit.

So if you see a couple of idiots waving amicably at Exiges, out of a bright orange Lambo, then it won’t be us

I may be going… But just got a mahusive tax bill

So still unsure sob

I’ll be there as I’m racing in the support race on Saturday morning so if you can get into the pits come and say hi.

I’ll be going, travelling down to Dover thursday night, ferry Friday morn and return on Monday, from experience if you haven’t booked it yet you will struggle to get anywhere to stay, including camping.

I am going down in the Exige and a small convoy of 10 exotica. Portsmouth - Cherbourg Thursday night - return Sunday.

I guess it’ll be the orange blur whizzing past

Im heading out via chunnel on Friday with a couple other cars, back Monday Afternoon so may catch some of you down there… or on route back… hopefully not on the verge handing euros out to a man in blue



Are you on the overnight ferry (11.30pm sailing I think)?

Plus, where are you setting off from? Russ & I will be leaving from the Preston area around 1pm, down the M6, M40, Newberry bypass, & then M3 to Portsmouth (after grabbing a bite to eat, probably in Winchester at around 6.30pm).

Will it be feasible to meet up on the way?

PS The only exotica with us will be Vinyl Veronique

Winchester’s pretty darn close to me! Which date?

It never hurts to hang out with a Lambo (or it’s drivers! ).



Thursday 10th June - would be ace to meet up then

Hi Pesky

Yep must be the same Ferry - sails at 11.45pm. We are heading down the M3 as well - I guess around 8pm so it might be possible to hook up at one of the services on the way? Nothing as exotic as yours in our convoy I am afraid - 996 4S, TVR Chimp 5.0, Caterham, Exige, 3 Sports bikes and a Z3, Audi TT (for our hair curlers ) and a freelander support vehicle

Thursday 10th June - would be ace to meet up then

Maybe in NY