Le Mans Qualifying

Bloody good isn’t it?

McNish @ night within 0.2 secs of Bourdais’s best daytime lap

Villeneuve looking like he’s driven a full F1 race after 3 laps of Le Mans

Lucky bastard I�m here with nothing but Radio Le Mans and my endless search for a live stream .

Anyways, on the plus side this site gives great live timing : Formula 1 News, Live Grand Prix Updates, Videos, Drivers and Results


Absolutely top notch. Just finished watching it on Motors TV.

Kicking myslef that I couldnt get across to the see the 908 in action with some colleagues.

Allez Peugeot (although yes I am biased )

Allez Peugeot (although yes I am biased )

They heard you

Going to stuff some steroids in my 107’s fuel tank tomorrow - how long before it turns into a 908?

Switched on while surfing the channels. Great entertainment. Sarrazin, eh?

Look out for the guy on the N/S of the orange nosed Aston, he lives in the same close as me. (number 7, I live at 14)

first 5 places taken up by diesels

when are they going to change the regs so that its fair for the petrol cars again

Maddog, afaik they already have, def a smaller tank cant remember what else.

And what’s wrong with diesels. If they’re faster, they’re faster, ergo better. We shall all have one soon…
It could be worse; the organisers could write the rules so that hybrids have the best chance…

Don’t pick on hybrids! The thought of a monster RWD sportscar with electric motors to assist at the front sounds ideal! All that torque to drag you out of bends following a demon powerslide.


… And after the first major shunt there’ll be diesel and battery acid everywhere!

I think that there’s a lot more development from manufacturers going into diesel rather than petrol engines at the moment, and this is starting to manifest itself on the track as those manufacturers that are piling the money in are wanting to shout about it. I don’t think that there’s parity in the Le Mans rules yet though and the first diesel wankel engine to show up will have the ACO confused for the next 10 years.

While diesel power is definately on the up even the good ones still have appalling throttle response and chug out too much smoke though. Bloody truck engines…

It’s really very simple. The best team is using a diesel…