Le Mans 2002

Pesky, how are we with Le Mans plans?'Scuse the cheek but, having just got back from New Year in France, I was reminded that you were planning something and the need to book ferries etc etc etc(I’m definately going again this year even if you’re not!)Yours impatiently,Mike

MikeFunny you should mention it! Earlier today I was speaking with Mr Big Lens (Chris Regan) & Tony Aspinall about the 2002 trip. Chris is travelling down with his brother in his brother’s Ultima GTR on the Wednesday & returning on the Monday. Tony (Ultima Sports), RussT & myself will probably be sailing from Portsmouth on the Tuesday & returning the following Tuesday. We will all be staying (camping) approx. 12 miles from the circuit, in the grounds of a chateau with all mod cons. Not only is this place very “civilised” with shower/toilet blocks, restaurant, shop, bar etc, Le Patron is a car nut & lays on a Friday evening “special” for his guests! The Ascari Team also stayed there last year, & it would be great to see them there again!Russ is presently sunning himself in the Maldives (!!!), so I’ll be talking to him about it when we travel to the Autosport Show next Friday.I hope to be able to post “us Northerners’” plans for itinery etc in the next week or so. Obviously anyone on this bbs is more than welcome to join us, either for the journey &/or the campsite.I’m getting all excited just thinking about it [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 04 January 2002).]

Great News!I’m not sure I can do Tuesday to Tuesday but you can count me in for at least Thursday to Monday. I just love Le Mans - it is almost certainly the best motor race in the world and a great carnival to boot! It would be great to see a whole load of Exiges there but I might have to buy a smaller tent!How do I book in at the Chateau? Mike

quote:Originally posted by 83man:How do I book in at the Chateau? MikeWill post details on the bbs in a couple of weeks.