Le-Mans 17-18 June

Who’s going?
everyone that normally goes, seems to be going to the classic
anyone else interested in going and staying at chanteloup?
if so we need to get booked up



Not me, sorry Maddog.


My lot are going out on the 12th as there is quite a few of us and we need a fairly large camping area.

We will be located at Karting Nord campsite

Cant wait

I stayed nr Karting nord a couple of years ago, I really enjoyed it, but took me about 6 months to get all the dust out my car

We stay in Karting Nord each year as the general vibe of the campsite rocks

your right about the dust tho … it gets everywhere!

still haven’t managed to remove all that glue from the sticker they put on the inside of the screen from last year!

I’m going, can’t remember where I’m camping though…