Latest PS2 Release

Further to David’s raving about “Grand Theft Auto 3”, the long-awaited “Lotus Challenge” game is now out for the Playstation 2. You get to drive 38 different cars on a variety of tracks - and unlike “Gran Tourismo 3” the cars actually fall to bits when you crash 'em! I don’t know yet whether they’ve engineered in the Lotus habit of breaking even when you don’t crash…Ian [image][/image]

Has anyone got this game yet? Is it any good? I played a demo a while back, and the handling was a bit tricky. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be much fun.

Yeah, I’ve got it. Initial impressions are that it’s not as instantly playable as say GT3. The cars are very nicely rendered, but the scenery is a little lack-lustre. The handling does take a bit of getting used to - turning up the steering sensitivity helps.The Lotus Challenge part of the game involves doing some races as well as various stunts, etc. - Like taking and saving football penalties in an Exige!I think I’d say to get it from Blockbuster for a couple of evenings before buying it.Ian [image][/image]

Having just had a week off work and ramping up too many miles on the Exige, I grabbed myself a copy of Loyus Challenge.For anyone expecting the silky smooth rendering and playability of GT3 don’t look here. However there are some very nice touches.Not only do you get to race with realistic damage and car crashes, but the challenge section is great.From performing handbrake turns, to thrahing a Lotus Seven over a mountain pass it makes a change from just blatting around a circuit. The best though has to be the Gatso test where you have to drive your Exige past 4 gatso cameras at an average speed of 102mph.Rent it and if you don’t mind the twitchy handling (no lift off oversteer though!) you may well just be wanting to buy a copy.Anyway sun is out so I’ll go a pile on the miles to the proper toy.Cheers.

Thanks for the replies guys. I bought it at the weekend, and I’m fairly impressed. It’s probably not as good all round as GT3, and nowhere near as much fun as Grand Theft Auto 3. But it probably has the most realistic handling of any driving game out there, and of course it’s full of Lotus’. I like some of the tracks better than those in GT3, particualrly the Bellingham castle course. It’s great to blast around some real English country roads in a Formula 1 Lotus! They have definately tamed the handling since the demo I played a while back which actually had lift off oversteer. It was really quite challenging to complete a race without spinning in that version.Brendan