Latest Exige S2 Tyre Choices

Hi, what the choices on tyres for the S2 Exige at the moment, I see that AO48’s are now discontinued, has anyone used AO52’s? Or are there other options?


Depends what you want to use them for, but A052 are nearly as good as R888R in the dry and dramatically better in the wet. They’re a really great choice - but fairly expensive…

just to revive this thread slightly… I will need new boots pretty soon, and as the car is mainly a road car, my choices come down to AD08 RS and Nangkang NS2 Rs. Neither are ideal - the AD08R or Toyo R1R were but neither exist anymore

So many conflicting opinions on both the Yokos and Nangkangs - any S2 Exige owners on here with a view ? Thanks folks

I do have AD08RS on my ‘wet’ wheels - and they’re absolutely fine… I just prefer the A052s :slight_smile:
(and yes, I’ve used the AD08RS on road and track)

I’ve been really happy with my AD08RS on the road. Maybe not a balanced opinion because my only other first hand reference point is the ZZR, but the AD08 make it a much more usable road car, can have fun in all conditions.

On track I’ve used them for a couple of short (dry) sessions for an experiment and they certainly struggle after a couple of laps - but on the road, or as an ‘all weather’ option I think they’re great.

On my S1 Exige I’m using v105s as lotus fit to the run out 220 Elise, which is a more powerful and heavier road car. They a great for road driving and much more confident than 48s or 888s in the wet. I found them much less good on the track and quickly running out of grip and getting hot. Even with VHPD S1 I was getting wheel spin on corner exits on a dry track. V105s have very rounded shoulder so it looks like that, and “proper” wet tread will greatly reduce the contact patch.

For the road, I recommend them highly. Less so for the track.

For road & track AO52’s are really good, dramatically better than the old AO48’s in the dry & wet, they really suit the car. Can purchase them from online tyre shop’s as not LTS tuned tyres that I’m aware of. A full set cost me £750 in 2019.

If just road then v105’s or AD08RS but I’ve only tried the older AD08R

No one used ZZS’s?

On my Caterham, very good wet or dry on track, even in standing water at speed.

One or two folks have them on the Elise platform, side walls are firm!!! We have some S2 sizes in stock at the moment.

Cheers Dave :+1:

I eneded up getting a set of Toyo’s as it was all i could get. No full sets of anything in the UK, so I had to buy these from Mytyres which I think come from Germany


Yes R888R’s, full set. A bit too early to say how they feel as I’ve literally just driven the car home and barely driven it yet.