Late photo entry for calender


I wonder who owns this one, a hairdresser I presume looking at the registration number!!!

I have my passport, plane ticket and toothbrush at the ready. I wonder what the weather is like in Outer Mongolia this time of year!!!

LOL that is funny

Absolute classic! Fantastic!


PS Click on pic for bigger version

looks like a super smooth Mugen in the back as well bet the dude has silver stripes on his forehead…

Totally classic…

BTW - I don’t think its too late for the calender… gets my vote anyway PMSL

I hate to say it, but I actually think that looks really good!!!

I am already thinking of how I could do that to my car for those hot sunny days that we get so many of!!

Maybe they would let me race in the MES with the roof off??? What do you think Pesk!!!

With the motorsport engine cover it should be pretty easy as the hinge isn’t used.


I must say I do like it aswell

…the wonders of photoshop. might give that a go myself.

Photoshop not the roof off you understand, perish the thought, heaven forbid and all that!

save a few kilo’s eh Sean ?

Sorted - phewwwwwww


ha haaaa Mr P - your the new Lotus designer then. I dont want to hurt your feelings but that Europa looks ‘tom tit’


I hate to say it, but I actually think that looks really good!!!

Steady lad! Only when fitting roll cages, alright.


wow…that looks so wrong, makes it look like the car has been stretched (unless it actually has?)

Sean - if you like that you have definitely been spending too much time shortening your loom


so wrong on soooooo many levels!