Larini Zorts

Thinking of fitting one of these to my S1 with cat pipe.
Ducattiman’s sounded nice at Cadwell.
Are these Ok for Bedford sound levels??

Hi Clive,

If you remember my S1 Elise in NZ, it’s got the full-fat Larini deal (clubsport, 4-2-1 and CRP… not quite as lumpy as the Exige would be with it, but sounds good nnonetheless.

My S1 has a Larini and it’s great. With a (crap) Motobuild SCRP it measured 92dB at Cadwell.

Sounds great too.


I think that the reality is that even if a silencer is “good” when it’s new, its capacity to silence will deteriorate over time. 2 years ago, my present system was recording 96-97db static, but now with another 20K miles of use, it clocked 101db (@5.25K rpm) last Sunday at Cadwell. Another job for the “Edwards Boyz” later this year

I guess there’s something in that, my Larini was 90dB when new.

I know the Powersport (Andy is that right?) has very good results noise wise and is re-packable.