Larini group buy

I have just been chatting on the phone to Larini and Moto-build. There is lots of confusion at the moments regarding price of the exhaust but it sounds like things will settle down in the next couple of days.

It is possible to get a discount if we can put together a group buy though as it reduces tooling costs for Larini. If anyone else is interested in a Larini exhaust then let me know so we can club together and get some money off.


what are the key differences/benefits of this system?

Guys, if you can wait a couple of months, wait for the results of the straight-through one that a guy I know (and I’m helping develop) is making up here. You might like it (I know I would).

Not promising anything but if the design produces the expected results, it’s going to be a very different one, lighter and more power.

I really don’t get excited about everything, but this one is something else!

PS - no resemblance to any that is currently available (that’ll keep you guessing)


what are the key differences/benefits of this system?

The key benifit for me is that it can get the noise levels down without the use of a silenced CRP which I can’t fit with the Honda mainifold. From the pics it looks like it’s very very well made too, but I guess that is what you would expect from people who make exhausts for Lamborgini most of the time.

Randy - they are as good a reason as any - thanks

Just had Geary new exhaust fitted to mine - very light, repackable and shiny, twin pipes that don’t stick out to much and the first comment I had from a bloke as I stopped off in my local garage was ‘mate how much was your TVR?’ - Obviously I corrected him but a very low deep rumble on the exhaust

I measured the Eliseparts exhaust on Randy’s car on Friday - 104dB @ approx. 6000rpm

I don’t know if you have a new design, or how much packing Randy had lost but I’m not really sold on the re-packable thing (sound like a pain to me). The Larini was 94dB at 6000rpm.

Although I won’t put too much of a dampener on your new purchase, because I agree, it sounds blooming lovely!