Lancs Run on 23rd Sept

I’m arranging a run on Sunday 23rd September as the thread title suggests. It seems that loads of runs and meets happen south of Watford, but not too much further north, so this is my attempt to do something about it rather than just moan!!I would like to encourage as many people as can do to support this run, so that it might give me the confidence to organise something bigger and better at a later date. I have a few great ideas, but haven’t yet the nerve to go for a biggie straight away. I hope that fellow northerners, ie. Lancs, Cheshire, Cumbria, Yorks, Derbys, etc. will try and make it, although if anybody from further afield wants to come, that’ll be great.The provisional route has been done, and involves a 10:30am meet for an 11am start at Bolton West services on the M61, an approx. 100 mile route of mainly country lanes, and takes in lunch, ice cream and plenty of enjoyment (hopefully). Finish approx. 3pm at J31 M6.Please e-mail me if interested and I will post the route once it has been checked, double-checked, etc. Thanks in advance for your support, Sooty.

SootyNormally would be delighted to join in, but that day Russ & I will be heading to Donington - overnight stay before trackday.Hope you guys get a good turnout [image][/image]Keep us posted of future events - ta.

Same here I’m afraid. Sorry! [image][/image] Would be interested if you run another though… [image][/image]