Lancs Nite

Last night, RussT & myself met up with the Lancs Lotus 7 club in Belmont (Bolton). As well as our Exiges, there were a couple of Elises, 9 Caterhams, TWO Ultimas & a Ferrari 360 [image][/image]I acheived 2 long held ambitions - to be taken for blasts in both the Ferrari & an Ultima. Both are fantastic cars, extremely (!!!) fast, with superb roadholding, but they are very different animals. The 360 revs like hell & the engine screams up to 8500 rpm, whereas the Ultima with its 5.6 litre Chevvy engine rumbles up to 6000 revs, but with the most incredible torque.It would be great to see some more Exiges next month, when the guy who owns the 360 may well bring his F40 instead (I kid you not).Next get together is May 2nd - see you there?

Yes, superb to hear the two Ultima’s,Ferrari and Rob’s Supersport exhaust howling away from the pub on passenger rides. I think Albert is bringing his 911 next meet - but I am not getting in that if it is raining !