Laminova vs air to oil front coolers

Talk to me.
How much do the OEM oil,coolers, oil and pipes weigh?
Is the Pro alloy triple rad man enough to cope with the laminova for the engine and gearbox oil? ( 320 ish ponies at present, but thinking of the future!!)
Would you change the sandwich plate for a non thermostat one?

Thank you in advance.

Shit loads.
Maybe, yet to be proven one way or the other. Ask again post Anglesey.

You’re welcome :wink:

8kgs Graeme + oil - Laminova

Thanks Prof and Le Renard.
Trouble with waiting is that the rad will be drained down in the next couple of weeks so perfect time to do it if i’m going to. (I used clamps on the pipes when I did the gearbox cooler, it still pisses on your head)
If the learned one is alluding to Dave’s car, that will have an even bigger triple pass, I can only have the standard as I’m keeping my creature comforts.
And, before anyone makes a comment, yes, I’m on a diet.

Professor … have you sold that barn yet m8??

Certainly have! :smiley:

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Wicked !
Chuffed for ya :clap:

Thanks all, was a result when it finally went thru!!

Awesome, great news John :sunglasses:

Great news John, back to the thread
I am not going to move to laminova, on a hot day I struggle to keep as far below 100 as it is and on a big track (Spa) my temps are around 105 and I have a triple pass rad already, I do still have aircon though and I’m not prepared to lose that, I’d rather cut off a leg!

Thanks Ade, that’s the info I need.
Best wait until I hole an oil cooler.

On the Hethel TD I ran 87/88 according to my ECU with my Laminova… Which is not SC OF COURSE!

I suspect if you stay air -air intercooler wise you would probably be ok as well

We will all know once we get to Anglesey :smiley: