Lambo Engine 25 pence!!

Got bored with Honda vs Audi vs TT…
Anyway there I was strolling through the local scrapyard and found a lamboghini engine that had only done 12 miles! Seems the previous owner did’nt like the engine and put a ‘K’ series in his Diablo.
I bought the engine for 25 pence and with a bit of grunting and swearing fitted it in the Exige.
Woke up before I had a chance to drive it…

Sorry people, I did’nt mean to sound bitchy, but…
The mines bigger than your’s is sounding like a playground argument.
I bought my Exige cos it’s the best car for me, for the money. If and when I can afford or have to replace the engine, I will. Probably with an Audi or Honda lump. But I fell in love with the car with the Rover lump in it and I’m not ending the love affair until I have to.

Well said Sir!

Now, now, Tone, don’t let them get to you!

Although to be honest, it is only fair to let them talk about Non K-series engines in the Non K-series section! Save yourself some stress and don’t enter the section.


Yah! what the fcuk are ya doing here! go away from this section!
It’s for perverts only, ya know?

PS - mine is normal, but when at work, they tell me it’s really big!

Sorry people, I did’nt mean to sound bitchy

I didn’t think you were…

Funny (LOL) yes

all perverts here

I’ve taken my valium today!!
Thanks guys.


anyone know where i can download some cheap shots of this?

as long as the better half dusnae see them

oh dear Rox, is it that bad? do you want to tell us about it?

I’ve taken my valium today!!
Thanks guys.

Can I have some please?

Sorry Mark - I guess your need is probably greater than mine!!
Having said that the local Lotus garage are looking at my reving whilst braking problem tomorrow!

I’ll swap you some bum lube for it then… Ya gonna need it

The word “shafted” comes to mind!

It’s all part of the Lotus experience.