Lakeside Luxury

I’ve finally had enough of remortgaging the house to pay for Mobil engine oil.The car is going into Lakeside Engineering tomorrow to find out exactly why it’s drinking almost 2 litres of oil at track days.In the morning when cold, idle is fine. However, pull away and a plume of blue smoke is emitted from the exhaust.It also spits out quite a bit oil and what appears to be water droplets, enough to cover your hand when placed a foot from the exhaust silencer.I’ve done 6 track days in 13 weeks in it and she hasn’t missed a beat - just wanna make sure everything is ok in the engine bay department - wouldn’t live with the embarassment if it broke down at Cadwell Park…!

MikeDoesn’t sound good [image][/image] My car uses between 1/2 to 1 litre per trackday, depending of course on time spent out on the cicuit.Apparantly it is not uncommon for the VHPD engine to blow an oil seal - located at the bottom of the engine, nearest the bulkhead. Oil deposits on the undertray are a sign of this.Hope its sorted quickly (& painlessly!), & look forward to seeing you at Cadders [image][/image]

Me too, exactly half of the min / max range, every track day, without fail…

Think my cars been watching to much Dallas!

Watch out the evil Monkey is pointing behind YOU!Picking](">Picking) la voiture up tomorrow! The lads at Lakeside have done compression tests on cylinders and the block and every thing is tickety-boo.Interestingly, they have advised me to try a different engine oil. They have had experience of other VHPD’s burning up oil v quick, have changed to a different oil which suits the car fine.Watch this space…

Monkey? Monkey?where are you? Monkey?!