KV6 Engine

Okay chaps,

another powerplant to discuss

QED website

Now, THAT’s what I like.

Since Mr Scuffham mentioned it first, maybe he knows if it can be fitted to the Exige?
Is it really that much bigger? Heavier?
Pricewise compared to the Honda?




I’m with you - if the Cyclone costs to musch I like this too - lets discuss on the 24th


mmmm… the power/torque curves seem strange to me…

Can anyone explain to me how the power continues to rise above 6500 rpm the way it does but the torque stays pretty flat? isn’t there some kind of relationship which would mean at least some kind of rise in the torque curve as well ??

Power is proportional to torque multiplied by rpm. Power continues to rise with revs until the torque starts to drop away too fast.

If the Torque was a completely flat line (the ideal situation) the power will continue to increase linearly (the ideal situation) until redline.

Why ideal? The most user friendly, easier to understand and dose to awoid sudden traction break-aways while gassing out of the turns.

Uldis (traction-seeker)

Cheers Brendan/Uldis

More power is a straight torque curve and more revs!!!