KV6 anyone?

KV6 engine had head gaskets & belts done from rover 75 auto with inlets fuel rial injectors, purchased for my metro gti it does not fit, may be an interesting alternative 250
location winkfield berkshire

I have two sets of the full cam timing gear too!!

don’t think you are going to get much response on this forum with regards to your engine as its probably too big to fit in the back of an exige or elise


It will fit - though not sure what mods would be required. Russ looked at this option in 2002/3, before the Honda was available.

It will fit - with a little chassis modification.

UIAMM Lotus had one running around Hethel some time ago.

I’ll shut up then

Should fit as the GTM Libra uses both the K16 and KV6 in an engine bay as small as the elise.

Double HGF anyone

Well it is worth a try, both heads skimmed and new h gaskets.