KTM vs 211

KTM are taking the CF route to light weight, but still slightly lardy at 700kg…


Interesting adversary for the 211? I think so.

What does everyone else think?

I think they are both heavier than they should be, especially the ktm with its carbon tub.

From the styling and concept i prefer the ktm but i know the basis for the lotus intimately, the tuners and the community. “Better the devil you know” as the saying goes. It also has a fantastic series to race in, in the Lotrdc. I think the Lotus will be the better car but i do not know that…

My feeling is that the ktm will be like the renault spider, striking to look at but not a great car. I hope i am wrong though coz it would be a hell of a car to have in my garage.

Depends what price the KTM actually ends up being, also whether it actually appears in production form, and when.

Circa �27k, suspect VAT on top. Not sure if the DSG gearbox is included in this price, they are very light on details - I hear though that servicing is likely to be at Audi … got my name down on the list but not sure I could part with the exige - going to be an interesting dilema… plenty of time to chew it over mind as theres 1000 ahead of me in the queue and as its going straight into full production (not the 100 as origianly planned - huge demand) its going to be end of 2008 at earliest.


The interesting thing about the 211 is how little car you actually get for 40k. Its definitely the dogs hangers for track day use but is that enough to justify the premium?

Personally I think there’s only 30k worth of track day car there. So, if KTM can deliver in the handling department, they should clean up.