Krypton Green S2 Exige

Well as per Phils request we have now resprayed (well in a photoshop kinda way ) a silver S2 Exige into Krypton green… Wht do you think?


Best one Ive seen

second best colour… after chrome orange methinks

why’d they change the name from scandal green which i think sounds better mmphh …

Cheers for that Mark, have some stars

That colour didn’t really suite the S1 Exige, but the Elise S160.
Now, it REALLY suits the S2 Exige.
If I was going to get one, I was thinking it would be chrome orange. Now I know.
Krypton Green rules!

Hi All this is Trudy {useing phils logon}
glad you like my clour choice for my new exige s2 think i may of upset phil as i have decided i do like my old exige shape better!but the deal is nealy done so looking forward to a sept delivery

i hope you can keep us posted regarding how you like it when you get it… IYSWIM…

Trudyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, how are ya? long time no hear…hope everything is cool,the kids are sound and you are not too bored
Don’t worry, about you prefering the old shape…I’m with you on this one…and we all know that Phil has got no taste…
take care…

lol…the only taste he has ever shown was when he married me !..although i prefer the old shape ,i have still ordered the new s2 it will be intresting to compere preformance with phils, mind you a bit unfair as the way i understand the new exige to be it is a completely different beast …

Whatever the performance I bet it goes like snot

You’ve met Phil then!?


…obviously not…
I bet, Phil is already thinking about possible mods on yer biest, otherwise, I must admit, you’re having no chance of keeping up with him…
have yerself a brill weekend

snot yet

Sorry Phil couldnt resist it

Another pic of the green on SELOC -