they have some nice parts listed in their shop. http://www.komo-tec.net/
anyone used them before?

im going to get some of their head studs for my motor, not ARP stuff, they have their own spec made in germany.
they are a larger diameter stud and come with a new bottom plate bit.
pricey (400euro!) but for me i think its worthwhile.


me again…with nice stories…
This year (in jan) i ordered some parts from komotec.
The amount was 8k euros. I received some of those parts in few weeks time, nice but only half of the value i ordered.

Now i’m still waiting for remaining parts. Of course i payed
the entire amount in january!!!
Phoned many times, many e-mail, and many bla-bla. I’m sorry for them (komotec) but it is again not my fault!!!
I always (since month) receive the nice answer:
“sorry for delay.All missing parts will be with you next week.”

Otherwise they r good…

This story remind me something…I’m f…ing lucky!

hmm, interesting. i was told the parts were in stock, but i think ill phone a few times to make sure.

Anyone care to answer this ?? that might be lurking around here ??

If you are paying online - and I guess most of us do these days - then it usually means a credit card. if you dont receive the goods in a reasonable time then its the credit card company that will refund your money not the supplier. I would ask them to refund the money.

i did not pay by credit card because the amount was quite high. bank transfer…

Nicolas, I would drive there and have a word, it’s not too far away for you…at least a bit closer than the flipping States…
good luck…

got the studs friday, very good quality parts, very good delivery times.
big thanks to the guys at Komo-tec. would be very happy to do business with them again.


i talked to Daniel about your parts. He will have them together very soon! Daniel at Komo tec is very relaible on his delivery times usually, he feels very sorry for you. The quality of his made parts are very high standard, best i have seen on the markets. He is the engine tuning guru in germany, and has produced the highest powerd cars here, … my honda conversion did not had a single problem yet and has been tuned recently. Also you have seen of the 340R with Honda… very good work also! You should vistit him, than you will really have a good feeling about the company!


Thanks Fabian,
i’m sure he is doing a good job, never commented on that.
Hope i’ll get my parts asap. those parts where for a race car…to be fitted last winter!!!


What parts are missing? Maybe we can help you with em here?

parts are:

  • Front brakes:
    AP 4 pot calipers
    295 Discs
    Modfied Alloy hubs
    RS-14 pads

  • Brake balance:
    Pedal box
    balance bar cable

  • Oil catch tank

You will get em soon!

soon but still nothing…

Get some 45 degree banjo fittings for the front braided hoses, as mine when tightened in the caliper blocked off the flow, weird but it did, and the hoses were some 5cm to short to fit comfortably, with the sidefeed caliper.

Mail me if you have any problems fitting, i have just been through the exercise so might be able to help.

thanks jason, will do.

It is incredible but i’m still waiting for my parts.
Do not not what komotec is trying, he tells me that parts r on the way since 1 year…wich way sorry?


Blimey Nicholas

You are having some $hit luck - really sorry for you

that does take the pi$$. cant you get them to refund the money?


i asked to have the money, but he says that parts r on the way…
I already asked for the money 5 month ago, he said the same thing.