Komo-Tec Vs Forced-Fed Systems

Komo-Tec Vs Forced-Fed Systems

I was up at the Donington Lotus show at the weekend and had a good look around the Komo-Tec Turbodrive 250S, which is a Supercharging system, not a Turbo as the name suggests.

As a series 2 Exige owner I would like more mid range power than having to wait for the 6200rpm second cam. I am currently having the Lotus Motor Sport ECU upgrade done which has not been as straightforward as it should have been given the advice I received from Lotus Motor Sport. As many of you know this drops the 2nd Cam to 5700prm, which from the test cars I have been in is a great improvement. But I do wonder if it will be enough of an upgrade after a few months of driving.

While looking around the Komo-tec system I was told that the Turbodrive 250S increases torque between 3000 & 6000rpm, while putting a lower thermal load on the pistons, exhaust valves, engine bay and surrounding body/component. It also does not require any modifications to the engine block

What I like from my brief chat was that a lot was done not to increase the stresses on the engine or the cars components due to excess heat.

Now I have not had the chance to drive a car with the Komo-Tec Turbodrive 250S install. But I have been a passenger in the Weltmeister Forced-Fed car around Silverstone, which I must say was very impressive and for the same sort of money.

From what I see is that the Weltmeister Forced-Fed kit would give me 275-280bhp over the 250bhp of the Komo-Tec Turbodrive 250S.

Ok that�s 25-30bhp extra in Weltmeister�s Forced-Fed favour. Although I think that I could be just as happy with the increases torque between 3000 & 6000rpm of the Komo-Tec system.

Given that I want the extra midrange power for the roads and not the track. This is because I intend to use the car for driving mountain pass in the Alps etc. Where in the standard Exige I have found that the corners are to tight and you get so far off cam when pulling away again, that it struggles down the short straight and the cam change in the standard cars set up kicks in just as you want to start thinking about braking for the next corner.

My thoughts are so far;
The Weltmeister Forced-Fed kit would be rather nice, but would I use all that power in reality? Given the sort of roads I want to drive the car on I have also been advised that I really could do with a LSD with this kit.

The Komo-Tec might be a better power option for me and I might get away with not needing a LSD given that I am 25-30bhp down on the Forced-Fed kit. It might also put a lot less wear & tear on other components like the clutch.

Now I know that the more you upgrade the power on an engine the more stress it suffers from.

But I was wondering if anyone here has ether option?

Your thoughts on ether upgrade?

What possible problems will I likely face with ether upgrade?

If someone more techno minded could explain the pro�s & con�s of going down ether route?


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Installers- Weltmeister


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you will find that the Komotec 250 kit produces more than 250bhp - let’s just say that a little bird told me that.

The LSD would help get the power down out of the twisty corners found in the Alps, it would help to a lesser extent on ‘normal’ roads.

How much money have you got…



now Komotec have got the new map I would prob go that way now. I think you get 265 Bhp also.

The LSD would help get the power down out of the twisty corners found in the Alps, it would help to a lesser extent on ‘normal’ roads.

How much money have you got…




Finance is a wonderful thing I would like to spend a lot less, but it does not look like I will get away with that plan

Just to let you know, Plans Motorsport can fit the factory supercharger kit and also the Forced Fed kit.

If I am correct the Factory Supercharge 240 kit drops to 220 when it warms up…

I may be wrong and miss informed.

Not only that Lotus are qouting rather a lot of money for it.

Do you know what sort of money are Plans charging

Go for the Bemani kit - a bit more power than Komotecs and from what I read, it has more torque lower down too. Besides that, the kits are very similar though. Wouldn’t really want a turbo in my Exige, but that’s personal preference I guess.

Komo uses a different type of SC which is closer to a turbo in design and will naturally produce a load of hp and small amounts of torque so they put a big one in and uses a valve to reduce boost at the top end - not ideal but it is quieter than the Bemani. I would still like to see some cars run some mileage before I would go for it.

I would probably choose an sc over a turbo although the FF kit is about as good as it gets!

I would drive both before making a decision.

Interesting news on the Komotec S/C Jamie - I thought I had read that it’s a Roots-type blower, but of different make (not an Eaton)…

Cheers Phil

Lotue Elise 111R & Exige S2 (not S) with ‘B’ Series ECU*.

Hangar 111 have partnered with Komo-Tec Germany to bring UK Lotus Elise 111R and Exige S2 owners the Turbodrive 250S forced induction kit. The Turbodrive 250S is an innovative design that uses a mechanical-driven supercharger and precision-engineered components to create a truly ‘bolt-on’ performance upgrade which requires no modification to the 2ZZ-GE engine internals.

Unlike other forced induction systems the Turbodrive 250S runs at much lower temperatures to achieve its power which reduces stress on the engine and cylinder head. The Turbodrive achieves appx 260bhp at 7800rpm (0.4 bar boost) and 184lb/ft torque at 6300rpm.

The kit significantly improves the power to weight ratio of the car and radically enhances the dynamics of the vehicle by removing the sudden ‘surge’ of the cam switch at 6200 rpm - instead delivering a smooth torque curve from 3000rpm up to the rev-limiter. This smooth characteristic is more friendly to drive through corners and makes the vehicle more predictable (and therefore safer) when applying the power.

In comparison to other forced induction systems for the Elise 111R and Exige S2 the Turbodrive 250S kit:

Delivers significant increase in torque between 3000 and 6000rpm
Puts a lower thermal load on the pistons and exhaust valves
Puts a lower thermal load on the engine bay and surrounding body/components
Uses the same cam profiles as a non turbo engine
Requires no engine block/cylinder head modification to achieve power
Turbodrive 250S components include:

[color:“red”] A centrifugal type supercharger with independant remote oil cooling/lubrication system [/color]
Air/Water Chargecooler system (front mounted)
ECU Reflash of customers own ECU (B-Type)*
Fitting brackets and mounts for all components

Its like this http://www.rotrex.com/