Komo-tec 180bhp tuning

Hi2 quick questions:1) does somebody know them? If so what is your experience?2) I’m looking at an elise with a 180bhp kit, but (3-6 degrees outside) it was not running smootly for starting up (afterwarths it was fine), they have fittid 4 throtle bodys + an enourmous air intake (like the exige), do more people experience the engine is a bit less nice to start and to drive away with?Peter

If they used the Jenvey throttle bodies there is no provision for the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) which helps with cold starting by keeping the revs ups until it starts to warm up, it allows more air in to cope with the enriched fuel needed on a cold engine.If this is the case (no iacv) then its quite normal to be rough and lumpy until it has warmed up, mine is like that.Phil

Hi,i have done many things on my exige with Komo-Tec. They are the one of the best in europe ! You should give them a call, they have done over 11 exiges yet and all are very very happy !regardsFabiangive me a call if you have questions…+49 172 8222945