Knockhill Sat 24th

Hey… Ally, Uldis, Mike. DaveAny stories from KH yesterday?I didn’t make it cause a) I didn’t get a firm booking… although I would have risked the trip but b) it was my god son’s 11th birthday and I promised to take him karting… which was a hoot, missed ya all… ahhhlet me know how it went… wet ??? [image][/image]

The first two hours were dry.The next two hours were WET !Never heavy rain, but drizzling all the time, which made it very slippery as it never washed out.I was trying to understand my new geometry settings.They were supposed to be very effective in the track, but I found out that I had to drive the car differently, as it was pushing the front out of the corners more than before. Also, had to run the tyres at even lower pressures, otherwise, sliding all over the place.But at the end found a way and then it started raining. Good to hone those wet-driving skills! Everybody was having a blast. Sliding all over while going fast. Makes me wonder how sane we are.Many spins from everybody.Ally didn’t take the Radical [image][/image] , Mike Niven as usual with his traler and a spare set of wheels [image][/image] (though this time didn’t waste time changing 'em), Dave was there finally driving [image][/image]And the usual well mannered behaviour from everybody. Always enjoying the SIDC days, well organized and exemplary track manners (that means easy overtaking for me [image][/image] , no track-hugging). Well except that Tut was a little annoyed with one TVR that didn’t want to be overtaken [image][/image]I had one spin at the airpin (not bad, actually fun). But 20 min to the end of the day, I ended up in the Kitty litter [image][/image]. No damage except my pride… once I touched the curb and then the grass… I was gone!We all missed you (and of course are just a bit faster each session [image][/image])And on the way back up, Scotty’s engine died. Left there waiting for the AA and off we went again through some very wet Scottish roads.See you next one!UldisPS - the TVR club is organizing a full day at Croft the 7-June. Southerners, should we make this an Exige meeting? just to teach those TVR’s?

UldisThanks for th eupdate - i misse dyou guys… and I especially missed Dave actually drivin’ his exige !!! wow wee…tut tut about gettin it in the kitty litter tho’ shocked and stunned… that sound more like one of my sort of trix… and after cadwell too !! [image][/image]Would the TreVoRs let us join them at Croft ?? Can you get more info? would you go? I’m up for it as i’d like to do Croft… let us know… any of you soft suvvenours up for this ?see you soon -

Very slippy once the rain came down with my now semi-slick rears on the Evo (now below legal. Had more near spins than all my other track days put together and, like Uldis, took to the grass briefly, just before the chicane about 15mins from the end of the day. Kept it straight - just. P.S. Hot Marques @ Knockhill this Tuesday (3rd June) - book early…was sold out last time.

Stop picking on me [image][/image], its not my fault that the odd war here and there keeps me away from the track.However looks like I’m free for the Lotus ecosse track night on the 11th July, anyone else up for it.Dave

I’ll see you there Dave, rain, hail or dry.I’m off to Croft today (and Rox is not coming [image][/image] ).Uldis

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Uldis:I’ll see you there Dave, rain, hail or dry.Yes it will probably do all of the above knowing KH.Dave

Dave, I’m booked in for the Lotus night on 11th July. Hopefully, no-one will notice that I’m not actually driving a Lotus. [image][/image] Uldis, so how was Croft circuit?

Great! but I was the ony Exige there. I went with another 3 Elises from oop here, one S1 160, one MK2 and one normal S1.There was a lot of talk of Croft favouring the higher powered TVR’s, but guess what, my Exige was the fastest one out there!.Yes, there was a long straight where the TVR’s would just leave me but apart from that there was only one more straight where we would be even (exit speed) and the rest favoured handling, so off I went.Unfortunately the (seemingly only) 2 stubborn “racers” found each other before the midday break with the consequence of one new TVR Tuscan written off.The crash was so ugly that didn’t even dare to take pictures of it. Something about leaving the dead in peace…But the guy was ok and didn’t seem so upset. Oh well, it must not be his only car… (I think I would have cried!)Track etiquette was superb and this time got an instructor with me. Afer a few laps, he asked to drive my car (to show me his lines), and oh boy, did he like it [image][/image]Learnt something there, hairpin line and slightly slower entry resulting in earlier throttle and faster exit speed (or something like that).You guys would have enjoyed the 110+MPH series of turns, where you had to take them without backing off. [image][/image]UldisPS - The only downside was the exhaust fumes in the cabin, but I’ll write about that

Sounds good Uldis - so it’s worth a visit again then?Bookatrack have a date there on the 19th July but I’d prefer an open pit lane event but maybe worth considering. I’m happy to drive the SR3 there - and prey for dry weather for the trip down. [image][/image]The Radical is now in my garage, temporarily, and has been fine on the roads albeit a bit twitchy with the current set-up. [image][/image] [image][/image]

Worth it, definitely, but as you say, prefer with an open pit lane.Let me see with the TVR club, as they are inviting us more and more (something to do with filling up the spaces for their strangely decreasing numbers of atendees).I think the next one they were organizing was at Oulton.Let me confirm the date with them.Uldis

Uldis,Oulton is an excellent track. Been there a few times and prefer it to most other tracks I’ve been to in the UK. Just think of Knockhill but twice as long - the TVR guys usually hire the full international circuit which is 2.7 miles long.Just hope the guy with the Cerbera from last year isn’t there (he ended up on his roof!!)Get the details and count me in for this one.Mike