Knockhill Lotus day April 3rd

Guys,Report from the Scottish contingent.Last Thursday Rox, Dave and me (amongst others) were at Knockhill, trackday organized by Lotus (Murray Motors). Check out a short (10MB !) clip of the day. On the other hand, I was using my brand-spanking new A048’s and the veredict is: yes, they’re better, progressive, slightly more grip but the front-rear grip balance is different than with the A039’s, the car tends to understeer more under power, but the corrections are more gradual.A joy to ride (and burn my wheels liners [image][/image] )Cheers,Uldis[This message has been edited by Uldis (edited 07 April 2003).]

UldisExcellento, I enjoyed that very much [image][/image] (Thank goodness for broadband [image][/image] )You obviously know that great little circuit very well [image][/image]

Thanks Mrs Pesky,and give my regards to you husband, I wish he (and all the southerners) would come over here one day and have a cracking Exige day. [image][/image]Uldis

Fantastic circuit - sounds like a good plan Uldis - but when can you guarantee the weather to be good that good again ? [image][/image]

Of course I can, this is Scotland, and the weather prediction is normally: dry [image][/image]BTW, the weather that day said 60% chance of rain. It didn’t rain.I guess I’ll just have to make a deal with Tlaloc (the Aztec god of weather) (hey, I’m Mexican, he should listen to me). [image][/image]Uldis

Great footage Uldis !

My bloody computer is mince!! I keep gettin’ illegal operations crashes when I try to download this. Not like i’m snortin anything unnatural or anything.UldisWhich bit is it?? [image][/image] [image][/image] can you send me it??

The sunset is very Grand Turismo 3!

Thanks everybody,and this was with a very simple setup where the camcorder is fitted with a (wooden) adaptor, velcro’ed to the dash.I am going to get now a proper base so I can attach it to the rear screen and film also what is happening in the cockpit.Rox, I’ll make today a VCD for you (and an Mpeg one as well)Cheers,UldisPS - Rox, could be because your computer is soooo ful of [email protected] from browsing all those dodgy internet sites [image][/image]

Oh !! I thought you had a bad misfire but now I guess it could be the file format [image][/image]Hey Uldis hows it going with the exhaust, I saw the pictures - how much for teh sports CAT ?Cheers

Misfire? [image][/image]The Powerspeed exhaust is excellent, getting questions everytime someone hears the car, because of its deep and not so loud sound.I don’t know how much is Dave (Powerspeed) going to sell the sports cat for, better ask him.And the final revisions for the exhaust are going to be done before the Cadwell trackday, the tip needs to change shape slightly. [image][/image]Uldis