Knockhill (jamie)

Just seen these vids from Knockhill is the red Exige in the first vid you jamie?? There are a few other Exiges/Elises and an 340R in the other ones as well.
The video car is a 280bhp MkII Golf 20vt.

looks like it was from satuarday so yeah it’ll be jamie.
track started out wet up clearer up pretty quickly.
that golf looked fast when it went past pit…i remember being impressed.
the sound from jamies car is superb though…sounds like a missile!!

Yup thats me, the guy looked in his mirror and clearly thought ‘just an exige I will blast away from him!’ Two frigging straights later he finally gets the hint and lets me pass. It was a great day the track progressively dried out and so each lap the limits changed great fun!

My vid (from the same day) here:

Nice video, great driving

Is yours a standard S2, or has it had any mods?


Is yours a standard S2, or has it had any mods?

Standard S2 (Performance Pack) with a Jim Valentine back box (7" thru diffuser), Pads are RS4-2.

Good skills as normal