Knockhill Full day Open pit lane Sat 22 Oct

Gauging interest.
There’s the possibility of a cheap, open pit lane, full day in Knockhill.

It’s been mentioned several times in this board that it would be attractive for the southerners only if it was a full day.

So, open pit lane and less than �120 for the day.

Who would be interested in coming up?


I know you’ve read this, I want you up here!

(and bring some more along)

Uldis, my mate, I will be genuinely struggling to get there

My Nitrons require reconditioning, but are still on my car. I won’t be able to even think about sending them back to Nitron for at least another week, due to my own work committments. The rears are now hardly “damping” at all, & I think I’ll get stiffer springs at the same time.

If Russ fancies a trip up, I’ll hopefully join him as a passenger.

Fingers crossed

Well, it’s still a month away, hope you can sort your car out.

Any others interested in doing one of the tracks of the BTCC and the BSB? It’s a great little one, and we can go for a drive the next day on the best Scottish roads

Latest update from Scottish_Elises…

From: John Stewart <john.stewart@…>
Date: Tue Sep 27, 2005 4:47 pm
Subject: October 22nd

Has now been confirmed.

9am to 5pm, with an hours break for lunch between 12:30 and 1:30

Cost is �95 for SIDC members, and �105 for non members.

Open pit lane the whole day, apart from the usual warm up groups first thing in
the morning.

Some people said on Sunday that they can’t really afford a full day (either time
of money), but would be interested, so we’ll be offering a limited number of
morning or afternoon only sessions at �50.

Booking will be on-line at from tomorrow morning.

There’s been a lot of interest already for this event, so I’m expecting places
to sell out very quickly indeed.


I’m in for this Uldis

What about the rest of ??

Come on guys… you know you should… and it would be a great day, on an excellent exige cct.

Not only that but we could do a nice wee road run on the Sunday before you all go home…

Rox, weren’t these bunch of softies saying that they were looking forward for an opportunity of a full day at Knockhill?

See? here it comes and they back off. Not even a no, see the thread and ignore.

How many times have we gone down south to meet them?
The first time they invited us to a track down there we went, it was… Anglesey! not exactly close by.

Anyway we’ll do this, and we’ll also go down to do with them all the ones we can.

I would love to make it Uldis but according to map24 that is an 872.2 mile round trip It is considerably closer to go to the Ring including the bit across/under the channel

Now there is an idea - the ring is bloody miles away for everyone

We should deffo do a ring trip

but i’d really like to see you all up at KH first… i mean its a one-off trip… and everytime me and Uldis travel down its a 3-day trip so can’t you guys do it at least once ?

I will defo make the trip next year but I am saving my pennies for a considerable amount of planned moddies right now Once the car is sorted I will twist the arms of some of my fellow southern softies to hit the M1!!

Just realised that Knockhill is close to Dumfermline - my company has an office in Dumfermline so maybe I could find a reason to go up there and claim business miles

Not gonna work this month though,…next year, next year.

I’d like to get there but work is a disaster at moment, 1 day out for Llandow is causing problems and I have cancelled holidays next week excuses excuses …

I quite liked Benja’s transport the cars and hire a private plane approach. We’d out ‘flash’ Russ!

I fancy the Ring (I believe you can now learn the track on the train with a PSP and TOCA2!) but perhaps Spa slightly more (less numpties and a slightly less power circuit).