Knockhill - Friday, 27th Sept

General track day (all marques), open pit- lane on Friday from 1pm-5pm. Cost is �99 (includes lunch). Replaces dedicated Lotus/Caterham day on the 23rd although double-check with the Knockhill office in case they change their plans again!Note: SIDC also holding a track day the following day (28th) 9am-1pm. Cost circa �65.

Ally,Just back from my little holiday to Spa [image][/image] and I’m booked in for the Friday afternoon but I’ll probably also book the SIDC day on Saturday. Are you going to either of these?Any sightings of a Radical in the Glasgow area yet??Mike

Ally, Mike,Just in case, this part of the Scottish contingent is going to be in Anglesey. [image][/image]Have fun!Uldis

Mike, trust you had a great time at Spa. [image][/image] Looking forward to a full report.I’m hoping to do the Friday afternoon but not so sure about the Sat am session yet. Slight possibility that I may have the SR3 by then. SR3 passed SVA test yesterday and have a visit to England pencilled in for next week to run it in on track. Then it has to go back to the factory for a quick checkover and oil change before I trailer it back home. Still not sure where I’m storing it yet though. [image][/image] In fact, it’s going to be pushing it to make it back for Friday but fingers crossed.Uldis/Mike T - have a good time at Anglesey. Should be a good laugh with Pesky and the rest of the old men, erm, lads. [image][/image] [image][/image]