Knockhill - all dayer! Sat 12th July

Open pitlane, all day @ �135. Contact Knockhill office direct.

Get it booked folks!

P.S. Also Hot Marques night on 8th July (6-8pm) @ (�50)

This could be an excellent opportunity for our frinds down south.
Unfortunately I can’t go, I will be … down south


The letter didn’t even get a chance to hit the carpet this morning and it was booked

Are you doing the Lotus Ecosse night on the Friday?

I wish I could do the Oulton Park open pit lane day in July but can’t get away from work during the week at the moment


Booked the Lotus Ecosse night a while ago but seems a bit pointless now if I’m gonna be there all day, the very next day. If it’s a nice night, I’ll probably still head up though.

Pity you can’t make Oulton - there doesn’t seem to be many open pit lane days on tracks down South. Might still make the TVRCC day.