Knockhill 25th Sept

Anyone else going to this? I’m booked in…well sent my dosh off at least, nowt heard back yet.

Date : Thursday 25th September 2003

Venue : Knockhill

Track time : 5pm - 7pm

Track Cars For Hire :
Caterham 7 K series
Ferrari 360 Challenge
Mini Cooper Race Prep

Extras : ARDS Professional Instructors will be available on request for help and advice at no extra cost but must be booked in advance.

Photographers will be on hand to record the days events which will be available to view at

Red Bull will be attending to keep your energy levels topped up.

This Track Club is limited in numbers and will give you the opportunity to use your cars to their full potential in a controlled environment. If you have more than one car you want to try out on the track please feel free to bring it along at no additional cost.

Knockhill will supply Marshall’s, Medic’s and Helmets but you are welcome to use your own helmets.

Due to limited numbers please let me know at your earliest convenience if you can make it and what cars you wish to bring. Please contact me if you require some time with the ARDS instructors or for further details on track car hire.

Full payment of �45 is required 1 week prior to the event date. Cheques payable to Vito Crolla, 90/10 West Ferryfield, Inverleith, Edinburgh, EH5 2PU

Hope you can make it

07880 63 68 61
[email protected]
[email protected]

Cars Confirmed

Mini Cooper Race Prep x 3
Caterham Race Prep x 2
Porsche Boxster S
Ferrari 355
Ferrari 360
Porsche 993
Porsche 996 C4
Mini Cooper S Hartage
Porsche 996 turbo 450 bhp
TVR Tuscan S


would if could but canny… going to Alton Towers with the kids tommorrow.

Sorry but I can’t make it either
Helping my sister move down to Bournemouth on Friday and have to get everything sorted out tomorrow night.

BTW - the above is just an excuse - the real reason is that I’ve busted one of the engine mounts and the driveshaft is bouncing off the subframe when cornering


I’m tired…


When did you get back? and hows the car?

At 2:00 am today, all great.

Check out the other thread…

OK, I’ll fly the flag for the posse ya old gizzards. Looks like there’s a Zonda booked in.

Mike, I think the engine mounts problem is a known weak spot - a few others had failures. Hope it’s sorted soon.