Knackred Nitrons

3000 miles and my Nitrons are shot …

The “no clicks” was indeed no gas - just checked and no re-bound action and no resistance - so no track day at Bedford tomorrow.

I thought it felt “not-right” and here you go …

This is not acceptable from a company that is “the” supplier for Elise/Exige - I shall be having strong words with Guy.

Anyone for a cheap trackday tomorrow ?

Relax, failures happen and I’m sure Guy will recharge them for you and see what went wrong on warranty.

I too lost my trackday yesterday because the car was not ready and that didn’t make the mechanic a bad guy.


Sorry to hear that, and I bet you were looking forward to using those new 48’s as well!

How many Dampers are causing a problem?

Uldis - your right - but its not just the trackdays now its getting back here to do them and as Mark pointed out I just bought new 48’s …

Anyhow - I calmed down and looked into it further - the adjuster (on one of the fronts ) loses its clicks, after you go fully hard - so actually what happens is the setting stays fully hard then regardless of the adjuster position.
( fully hard means very little “sping” in the piston )

Gently tapping the end of the shock with a rubber mallet brings the clicks back to life and the adjustment … so I guess the gas is OK its the adjuster that seizes … which explains why I thought the ride was “funny” - one side fully hard the other at 12 clicks

The other front one has similar characteristics - the adjuster is very stiff and you cant always feel a click.

So all 4 are off and replaced with aluminium struts and I’ll drop them at Nitons on my way back to the tunnel on Tuesday …

Sorry to hear that Andy.

I was just about to go down the Nitron route but am a bit weary now.

Anybody else had any probs? How long/many miles have people had them on their cars?


Mine have been fine, but have not done that many miles. They do make a big difference though, and I would still get them irrespective of Andy’s problem.


I’ve calmed down now but I was irritated - its very much the adjusters that are the problem - I will go to Nitron today and discuss and let you know.

But a grand and then this is not right in my ( possibly still too rose coloured ) eyes …

Which Nitrons? The ones with the little blue adjuster on the side, or the ones with the big adjuster ‘collar’ at one end of the shock?

Rose jointed or rubber bushed?

Big blue collar and rose jointed –

Ian - agree with Russ they do work very very well ( when not stuck