KH Today

The usual faces turned out today with varied means of transport, Rox turned up in his team bus, however I think the rain put him off taking it out on track . As usual with KH we had four seasons in one day, unfortunately for the first couple of hours we had torrential rain , Ally and his Radical retired early as the Radical was in danger of becoming a spa however for the last hour a dry line eventually appeared. Big thanks to Kirk and Mike for the passenger laps, the S2 Exige in the rain was awesome, even with AO48’s on it seemed to have much more grip than my car. Highlight of the day was going out with Mike, with his slightly modified engine , and watching the F355 trying to overtake us up the pit straight, which he managed only after Mike lifted off
cheers Mike, much food for thought, all of which is quite expensive, but as you say cheaper than changing the car.


Cheers Dave

Sorry i had to bugger orff without saying cheery… we were soaked and i went to speak to the yoki man and then we decided to call it quits, my mate had to be back home (in Ayr) for 12:30.

good to see you all… pity about the track-time due wx…

hope to see ya all soon

btw Uldis just txtd me… he’s got his car back mmmmm…

Sorry I couldn’t make it.
Went to pick up the car at 4:00 am, to help Bob map it after the HG change (and some clean-up porting)

Ended up working the whole day with him as he was thoroughly delayed, had some problems during the night

OTOH, the car when on the RR came very much alive.
His magical procedure to extract more power worked wonders and now (according to his RR) I have about 20lb/ft more across the range starting from 2500 rpm!

Oh, and about 20BHP more

And yes, I had done a baseline RR run with him before.
Went to test the car, came back with a permanent stupid grin (you know the one).
The car feels soooo much better now! The best way to describe it is a big hand pushing you always.
No top en rush but midrange punch, and 8000 rpm just come sooo quickly, on any gear!

Anyway, glad you had a good time, and I’m going to try and catch those guys on their Highlands trip.

C ya!

Was great to see everyone again on Saturday but weather was awful and for the 2nd time running at Knockhill, I was soaked through. Booger!

By the time I had clambered into my car after 10am for some exploratory laps, the rain came down again meaning I was wearing wet glasses beneath a wet visor. Visibility was poor even when I was stationary. Came in after 1 blind’ish lap to see who was about and had quick chat with Mike, who was watching telly in his car - smart man! Then I buggered off before Radical becamne a swimming pool. Needless to say, the sun was out back in Glasgow.

I may be at Hot Marques night on Tuesday or Wednesday for Radical day - depending on weather.


Serves you right for selling your Exige


Who said Exige’s are impractical?! Try having no windscreen/roof/doors.