Keyfob - argh!

One of my keyfobs has been getting progressively worse at working, so I put it down to the battery getting flat. With new batteries it still doesn’t work - anyone know if these can be fixed/reprogrammed? Bit stuck as I’ve mistakingly given the other key to the garage that’s fixing my other car!

I can’t find anything in the manual about overiding the alarm (quite sensible though I guess!)

Cheers all

Sounds like you may need a new key from the dealer… Go down there and see what they say… Oh and don’t forget the lube

I tried programming my spare key the other day, the instructions stated

turn on and off the alarm 16 times using the working key(after which it will not activate)

Within 8 seconds press the new key fob and the alarm will activate or deactivate)

leave for another 8 seconds then boths keys should work

However, I did this process 3 or 4 times and the new key still did not work so its off the the TVR dealer to see if the have any ideas as the alarm is the same as fitted to a Tuncan, allegedly.