Keeping The Exige indoors

Well almost.

This is a scan from a Japanese Magazine called Garage Life which I have been sorting through tonight.

[image] life/Scan10005small.JPG[/image]

It’s a sauna, isn’t it?

Well, obviously somebody REALLY loves his Exige

GJOB springs to mind


No it’s actually a house, the floorplan is below. If you look closely in the picture above you can see there is a 2nd floor which is the bedroom. Unfortunatly the picture of the front of the house is over 2 pages so I can’t scan it.

[image] life/glexigefloorplan.jpg[/image]

Land is very expensive in Japan and as such most people try and optimise the house designs and cars are very important (despite the fact most people use public transport).

I have only ever seen 1 S1 Elise and 1 M100 Elan when I’ve been out there.

Looks great to me…does anyone remember the TV show about a Las Vegas PI, I think he was called Dan Tanner? He parked his car in his living room!

Looks good to me, though I’d have one long piece of sliding glass.

Hmmm… I wonder…

I had thought that if I managed to bag a Ford GT that I’d turn the snooker hall into a museum style display for it.

It’s a sauna, isn’t it?

…only during the summer months,if he/she takes it out of course!
As for Lotus in japan, when I had my Exige back at Hethel in Jan 2002,the factory were still making rh drive S1 Elise for the Japanese market,alongside S2’s
Obviously the Japanese have good taste (& some clout?).