Keep blowing fuses on S1

Had fuel pump fuse blow twice recently, first time possibly because there was a 15A instead of a 20A in place. Checked ratings of other 3 eng management fuses, two of them over rated for whatever reason. Ensured all 4 were correct this morning, been out in the rain & blew ignition coil 7.5A & eng management 3A fuses. Pain in the…
Any ideas? Bad earth possibly & if so likely location?

sounds like you might have a wiring issue… can you check the cable loom as it passes thru’ the bulkhead… might be chaffed and shorting to chassis.

A bad earth problem wouldn’t blow fuses

Check the bloc connector in the bulkhead where the 4 relays are, mine was melting the top relay and it was a wire arcing onto the pink coloured backing (the black plastic relay holder had cut through the wire). Sounds like someones up’d the fuse ratings in the past because of it?

Cheers for the input, can have a look at the bloc connector tomorrow, hopefully stopped bloody raining by then. Had also wondered why the fuses weren’t the correct rating.
Good to know its not an earthing issue either, will try to take a look at wiring loom as well if poss