Keep an eye on the boys at Spa.

Timing can be found here.

Qualy times here.

Wow a few surprises in there? Randy looks amazingly dominant closely followed by the German bloke. AJK faster than Walshy and all of them faster than VVR? Evosal up there at the pointy end of class-B amd Martin Donnelly at the back (presumably Christians car has a problem?).

What’s the story/ies Mark?


Walshys engine went pop, so he’s out. Driveshaft problem for Donnelly so he may end up in Goldings car again.

Results from the qualy for the 50min Heritage race.

1st Chris Randall/Scott Fitzgerald - SC Honda Exige
2nd Mark Gooday/ Andrew Walsh - 340R
3rd Andrew Kell (SC Honda S2)
5th Chris Pearson (SC Honda Exige)
7th David Harvey (340R)
8th Donnelly/Skeggs ( in Goldings S160)
10th Van der Kooi (S2 Exige)
11th Anthony Clark (TT S1 Exige)
13th Mick Edwards (S1 Elise 160)
14th Matt Bartlett Neil McKean (Elise S1 PTP170)
16th Malcolm Edeson (Paul Hardings S1 111s)
17th Gavin Kirby (S2 Exige)
18th Sean Bicknell/Russ Treasure (Seans S1 Exige)
19th Mark Peasey/Jamie Stanley (Marks S1 Elise)
21st Steve Williams/Nigel Goater (Sport 160)
22nd Jez Braker (S1 Elise)
24th BJ Chong (S1 Elise)
26th Cai Cederholm (Duratec S1 Elise)
27th James Knight (S1 111s)
28th Hand Baumhardt (S2 111s)
29th Martin Roberts (S2 Elise)
31st Tom Chatterway/Steve Williams (yest steve again) S1 PTP165
34th Paul Pattison (S1 Elise)
43rd Graham Walsh (S1 Elise)
53rd Paul Quinn (S1 111s)

So looks like the Lotus boys had some good results in this qualifying as well.

This will be a 50min race hence the 2 drivers.

PDF is HERE. My driver pairings are correct.

Really looking forward seeing the in action (first time for me)



Walshys engine went pop, so he’s out. Driveshaft problem for Donnelly so he may end up in Goldings car again.

update from Scuffers…

Martin managed to destroy the clutch, which then went though the gearbox

Box and clutch being replaced…

Race 1 results

1st Randy (1st Class D)
2nd AJK (1st Class C)
3rd Steve Williams (1st Class B)
4th Martin Roos
5th David Harvey
6th Neil McKean
7th Jan Van der Kooi (S2 Cup 240)
8th Luc Decock
9th Anthony Clark
10th Martin Donnelly (1st Class A)

Heritage 50min race results.

1st Chris Randall/Scott Fitzgerald (by 1 lap)
2nd Ian McCallum/John BUssell (Aston DB5)
3rd Nick Frost/Andy McMillan (Caterham7)
4th David Harvey/Sean Bicknell (340R)
5th Martin Donnelly/David Skeggs (S1 S160)
8th Jan Van der Kooi (S2 Exige Cup)
9th Matt Bartlett/Neil McKean (Elise S1 PTP170)
10th Mark Gooday/ Andrew Walsh - 340R
13th Chris Pearson (SC Honda Exige)
17th Malcolm Edeson (Paul Hardings S1 111s)
18th Mark Peasey/Jamie Stanley (Marks S1 Elise)
19th Gavin Kirby (S2 Exige)
20th Martin Roberts (S2 Elise)
21st Hans Baumhardt (S2 111s)
24th Cai Cederholm (Duratec S1 Elise)
25th Tom Chatterway/Steve Williams S1 PTP165
26th BJ Chong (S1 Elise)
30th Steve Williams/Nigel Goater (Sport 160)
31st Paul Quinn (S1 111s)
32nd Nick Randall (NA Honda Elise)
33rd Robin Welsh (BMW 318)
34th Anthony Clark (TT S1 Exige)
35th Andrew Partridge (BMW 320i)
37th Simon Clasby (BMW 320)
38th Tony Smith (BMW 320)
39th Nigel Olive-Jones/Craig Jamieson (BMW)
40th John Jacklin (BMW320)
41st Graham Walsh (S1 Elise)
42nd Paul Pattison (S1 Elise)
43rd Jez Braker (S1 Elise)
45th Andrew Cotterill (BMW 320)
46th Mick Edwards (S1 Elise 160)
47th James Knight (S1 111s)
49th Andrew Kell (SC Honda S2)
50th Mike Dugdale (BMW320)

Race 2 results are up.

1st RANDALL Chris
3rd WILLIAMS Steve
4th MCKEAN Neil
5th HARVEY David
7th GOODAY Mark
8th DONNELLY Martin
9th CLARK Anthony
10th EDESON Malcolm

This is before the Handicap is applied.

Loads of fun watching all the Lotus’s in action on saterday.

They really should put Chris Randall in a class of his own. Both races on Saterday he started op pole and already after the 1st lap he was leading no2. by the lenght of the start - finish straight.

BTW Does Russ T drive Mr P’s car?? Or has Stephen M done Russ T’s Exige in the same colour??


Russ’s car was in that colour 1st.

Okay, so completely forgot about the 2nd Heritage race until I found a picture email from Paul.

The result is as follows.

3 GOODAY Mark-WALSH Andrew
8 BRAKER Jeremy


Well Done to Chris & Russ. :smiley:


WELL DONE GUYS So great to see Russ & Chris on the top step

Now even more gutted that I was not there…delightful as B&Q was

Looking from the resultsheet they used Chris’s car. Good to see it’s running (again). The car was blowing blue smoke (and I thought to have seen some small flames), from lap 2 on in saterday’s LOTDr race (and a no show in Saterdays heritage race)


Well done chaps!!!
Russ actually finishing a race, it had to happen eventually


Chris & Russ used Russ’s car in both the first & second Heritage Races.(Chris was the first named driver as he was the original entrant. He took both his cars to Spa, but were both poorly" after qually & the first LOT Race).

Tarmac Terrorist had a great time too.

Sean had a “mixed” time

Oh, & the sun shone for a week solid!

PS We all had a fantastic time - a never to be forgotten trip - even the social side was good