K series rebuild

I don,t want to start a war just need some advice.

I want to keep the k series engine and as it is now approaching 30 k I am looking at my options for a refresh.

Who would you recommend or could I do the work myself I have stripped bike and car engines before. Are there areas I would struggle or little secrets I should know.

While the engine is in bits what mods should I make. I do not want to make the engine unreliable so not looking at mega HP as it is used mainly on the road.


Speak with the very helpful/knowledgable Dave Andrews (DVA - do a search on this forum)) - then decide on how you want to move forward.

Yep, speak with DVA…

But why do a refresh??? Unless your engine is rattly at the top end and blowing smoke/using oil, there is no real reason too! I think there are enough 30+K miles VHPD’s out there to indicate that not all of them are land mines waiting to blow up! It is of course big news when they do… but you dont often here the news that they are still going strong!

Having just said all of that, touching wood, mine blew up at 28K wilst owned by the the previous owner, but had a brand new one fitted to replace it under a Lotus warantee. This has being going great since for the last 12K miles!!!

In any event, a refresh is not a huge expense from DVA and at the same time you could book the head in for his magic touch on that!