Just driving back home with my colleague on A46 near evesham when a weird shape shot past us, we speeded up to get a closer look and sure enough it was the new exige, we flashed madly and put indicators on, both pulled over into lay bye , titanium grey 53 plate exige, left hand drive , A048’s. the gent inside informed us he was not from lotus but an external company, and was endurance testing the product, his words were “it goes well” and he said little else— it had no elec windows and no central locking, and although i love my series 1 exige to death i do have to say it looked very good , although a little to japanese refined, like an rx8.

as it drove off both me and my friend looked at each other and said looks grea [color:“black”] [/color] t but the engine note sounds SHI* .

Same one as seen in Bromsgrove by the sounds of it !