Just how good is the S1

after a month of trying to find a good s1 for sale near me and being in touch with my local dealer (stratton motor co norfolk) i still havnt had a test drive yet so please tell me all of your motoring stories good and bad and let me build up a picture

Also im currently driving a Honda civic type R. and along with the exige have been looking at a subaru impreza sti ppp and misti evo 6 gsr opinoins please


If you go back far enough on this site you have about a year’s reading, assuming you don’t sleep !!

Exige talk is the most popular forum.

Another good one is meets and trackdays, where you get the stories, sometimes, and also details of where we will be getting together, so you could come along and grab a passenger ride !!

Imagine the scene - complete Petrolhead with dangerous passion for car purchases:

Lusts after car x, saves pennies buys car x, after shamefully short period of time lusts after car y and the cycle begins again - yes it’s my story, the cheap automotive slapper that I am

But now the cycle has been broken since I cannot think of anything for sensible money I would prefer (My missus informs me that a GT3 RS does not constitute sensible money )

The Exiges approach does come with a couple of caveats tho:

  1. Money that would have historically been going into future car purchases now goes into the fettling fund Nitrons, Emeralds,tyres etc all cost money ya know.
  2. Just coz I don’t plan to change the Exige does not mean the daily driver does not need an upgrade - saw a mint Porsche 912 at the w/e,…hmmmmm or a Clio V6 looks kinda practical as a daily driver to me - heh just buy very small slim things when you go shopping - I could live on Pizza and PopTarts - Clio is a bit challenged in the boot dept.


LOL! Benja, Classic

But just how good is the S1 Exige…? To put it one way, it’s just a masterpiece of engineering that just so mindblowing to drive, you can fail to climb out without a big grin

Guys… I’m getting some serious withdrawal symptoms


Are you going to track the car? If so, the Exige is simply amazing! Picture the scene; you drive out of the pitlane, of a circuit you know, for the first time in your Exige and a TVR (with race suspension), a Noble, a couple of M3s and a 360 fly past. You think I’d better watch out for them fast boys later, after all, they’re all at least twice the cost of my car and with much more power. After a couple of laps you start realising that you are taking your favourite bends faster than you�ve achieved in previous cars AND it feels pedestrian. So you speed up and realise that perhaps you�re braking far to early, and far too much. Then those M3s start coming back at you at a rate of knots, followed by the TVR, Noble and (surely not!) the Ferrari!

Adam it�s a race car for the road. Really, and due to EU regs, the last one that will truly exist. You may have more fun on country roads in a Scooby/EVO but when there�s no bumps or really tight corners (as low down acceleration in Exige is limited) an Exige will just embarrass them. It�s not a car for picking up women but every 7 year old will stop and gape, and you�ll never be able to have a private nose pick in it either.


ps. What! Ben! You prefer a Porsche!

ps. What! Ben! You prefer a Porsche!

Prefer a Porsche,…never! Implicit in my statement was that if I could afford a GT3 RS then I would be keeping the Exige as well Not a dilemma I am likely to face me thinks

Would it help you if I upgraded my Sky package?


Would it help you if I upgraded my Sky package?

Thanks mate every little helps Especially since a couple of billion was wiped off our market value last week - hmmm what was the issue price of my options that have just matured,…oh well never mind

a Clio V6

i did look into one of these and spoke to a owner when filling up with petrol but for 26k its too much for a renault and its no faster than the civic. I want a two seater car that handles like a train and goes like a rocket and looks the nuts

Maybe a VX220 turbo

I’ve just bought an S1 a little over a month ago and what can I say? …Well…

When I get into my wife’s Punto now I feel like I’m climbing into a VW Toureg! The S1 is everything that epitomises a RACER…super low, raw beast with a grumbling engine note and a need to be harrassed with your right foot.

Sure, climbing in I have redefined muscles that haven’t seen exercise in year’s, and sure, the weather this week mixed with a traffic jam lands you in hot water…that being your own sweat!! Phew, one can get hot!

…but I am seriously happy with my purchase. I took it out for a loooooong drive in Surrey early Sunday morning around Boxhill and Albury (anyone see a blue flash?) and it just gives me huge smiles.

I can appreciate a scooby and Evo’s performances, but they are " 4 door sedans". The Exige’s swooping curves and body is singular in purpose and beautiful to behold… and I’ll leave it at that!


Nice one mate you got the 177bhp or 190

im finding it very hard to find one for sale at the mo. not as easy to buy as a ford focus


Have you seen the one on ebay - looks a pretty good example - not sure if it is anyone’s on here?

Are there any issues with the K-Series Engine that i need to know about as a mate of mine tells me they are unreliable

No probs with mine - 14k and going like a good un - now I have gone and done it

Didn’t have any probs with my Elise before either - again around 13k miles before I sold it, but perhaps I am lucky. I think you always hear the bad horror stories and never hear about the cars dont have any probs…

My Vectra (I know, I know ) had a head gasket failure at 20k so I suppose it makes it more unrelaible than my Elise / Exige to date .

If i get any probs i could just switch engines with my civic type R

now going to ebay to have a butchers nice think im going for a black one though

think im going for a black one though

good choice