Just got this through L-o-T - Mallory - £99!

All from here:

Anyone thinking of going? I’m very very tempted if I can fix my g’box and get my undertray back…

Not driven Mallory either so…

Hi all,

So had my first day and the pretty little Mallory Park (first time at Mallory that is )… Somehow went through a time warp thinking it’d take about 3 hours tops at a reasonable pace to get there… Doing 80 - 80 all the way and done it in 1.5 hours!

So was very early to arrive!

But this also gave me a chance to speak to Melindi and Callum and I can say what nice people, and Melindi had me in stitches!!

Anyway, started with a very wet greasy track but was good way to learn, a couple of hairy moments at the hairpin with my mate in the car screaming “[censored]! [censored]! [censored]!”

But everyone was very polite and well behaved, I had a wee shunt from behind just before lunch from a race prepped Suzuki Swift, a TVR was coming back on line so I was heavy on the brakes and he unfortunatly locked, flatspotted his tyres and shunted me, on a bit of minor cosmetic damage, so Bob, I’ll be needing some suitable sticker once I’ve cleaned it up! Suprisingly I think the exhaust too the brunt of it and seemed to do more damage to his car

But that was all sorted out swiftly and professionally and all with just the right amount of humour.

Once it dryed out a bit, what a cracking little track :up Exiting Gerards at a 100 on a thin strip of dry track was quite a buzz!

But ultimately I guess it also Goldtrack were a very good team and with a stringent anti-chav policy so it was a nice mixture of cars to play with

And after going in Daves S1 with nitrons they just feel so much more sophisticated than the konis… God, the spending never ends!

Mallory, go there!

And also just to confirm… Ferrari’s sound like pure sex! Anyone who says their Elise sounds like one just have never heard one at full chat

My car was pretty filthy by the end of the day, but from here you can see the clean patches are where I was hit (or chavved by a Swift!):


And here’s the damage once cleaned up and I could see what was what… Nothing major at all:


There’s also a little fracture int he gel coat under the “EXIGE” sticker but nothing really noticeable.

And if you wondered about Exige aero:


I didn’t get any pics as my mum still had my camera and I never take pics often, too busy driving

And now it’s (c)lean again