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Kam and 340r friend (Sean I think) “sorry I can�t remember your name” went to Goodwood on Monday to get a noise test done, you may of read this in another thread. Any way the crooks of the matter is that a 190 car with only a cat by-pass will come in at 103dbls witch for Goodwood is no use at all as you cant blag the rev limiter as they check for noise through out the day on drive by’s. So as I had a few hours to kill yesterday afternoon I thought Ill have a dry run of swapping exhausts and putting on my cat. Big mistake; you have never attempted something so fiddly in you life and unless you have a four-poster ramp and every tool Snap-On ever made don�t do it. I consider myself to be relatively handy with a spanner and after all how difficult can it be to swap over a little tiny exhaust, especially one that has only been fitted to the car for 3 months? I started at around 3pm and after some farting around with my new Jack got under way, I put my tools away having completed the job, 4 bottles of Budd and half a bottle of Optrex at 8pm. [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]I wasn’t that keen to change my exhaust back to standard but as I had already booked the day off work and spent 190 for the day, and couldn�t get a refund for being to noisy I made the effort.The resulting changes to the car are really quite weird.The car now idles very smoothly at 1000-rpm (without changing the tick over) Backpressure no doubt.There is absolutely no pinking. I put the car in 5th at only 30 Mph and it just pulled away like a diesel buss. There appears to be more torque low down and there is a punch in the back at 3000 rpm. The downsides are that it doesn�t appear to rev anything like before and of course it sounds like a car again and not a jet fighter, no bangs, no flames, not a lot of fun really. Still ill get on the track and then pay some mechanic to swap em back and unless Goodwood is serious fun, I ill leave the SS on! [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]Kee ps My eyes are still sore from all the rust they have eaten [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 16 May 2001).]

If you had pinking before Keenan, was that while using Super Unleaded ?I use Super Unleaded all the time and add Octane Booster for track days to keep things under control.

Yeh but only at low revs under load it usualy went at around 3000rpm.Where do you get octane booster from and what is it called?The site is doing funny things today, most strange!

I use Millers Octane Booster�30 (inc vat + next day delivery) for 10 bottles. http://www.are.ltd.uk/ (+44) 01252 711777 Increases the average tankful by 1-2 octane ratings.Some people use with normal unleaded as it’s cheaper than going the Super Unleaded route.