Just back From the US of A

Great country, great food, but Exige (or any Lotus) would be a proper handful to own dodging potholes and leviathan cars and SUV’s around Boston - comments from US owners?

F*ck them - the Exige would dance around them, even with ten pints inside it !!!

Come on, surely not great food!

Besides, a slim car could move between the mammoths if it wasn’t for the visibility. It’s difficult to see with giant cars around…

I think you would rip the front spoiler off quite quick if you drove it into Boston with all the road works for the “big dig” …

Ours are track only here and it’s probably better than way! Our roads (especially where the snow flys) are terrible. I love traveling to Europe because the roads are so much better and people actually have a clue on how to drive a vehicle in a safe manner and they respect the fast lane.

Andy yep that big dig is some project … 500% over budget, 5 years behind programme, bit like the m250 or Esprit replacement

wots the big dig ?? any cool chicks there??

Come on, surely not great food!

There’s so many outlets Uldis that bad food doesn’t stand a chance in the States (McDs beside!).


My favourite US restaurant chain is Crocodile Dundee’s…

“You call that a knife??”