Just back from Plans

Picked my car up from Plans now with LSD, ARB, RS14s and 46mm Ohlins .

The car looks very purposeful with its lower ride height. While we were waiting for the car to have the final set up finished got to see these been shaken down



Was surprised to here that McLaren owns the facility and Plans along with Top Gear lease from them. The shake down seemed to be brake orientated with a series of stops from road speeds building to a top speed stop. They sound great!

Also saw one of McLaren F1 carbon tubs getting painted.

Unfortunately the track was wet and McLaren had taken a while to shake down and I needed to head back to the burgh. So had time for a quick lap of the TG track that is tighter and turnier than it looks on TV. Will have to wait for a definitive dry track test to really see what the Ohlins do but first impressions are very good. I actually think the road settings are better than the standard suspension. New pads have great inicial bite, big improvement and no ill effects from the LSD So am very happy
Just can�t wait for a track day



Interestingly the remote reservoirs are fitted inside the boot instead of in the engine bay.

Plus made it from Plans to front door in Edinburgh in 6hrs 15 min must be the new ride height

Nice going!

** Note the very smart sun strip

Hmmm - nice upgrades . Did you notice the ARB in normal road driving? And where do I get one of them there sun strips?


The car has yet to see a dry road but the road settings on a wet track were impressive (my wet track settings are a few clicks softer generally including the ARB). The real thing will be a dry track, positively drooling with anticipation! My main concern was what the LSD might do but apart from hooking up and just going no other effects

Sun strip was by way of Mr Pesky, ask nicely and he might still have some

my wet track settings are a few clicks softer generally including the ARB

Jamie - is the ARB easily adjustable.

Two 17mm? bolts on each side which can be reached and undone with a bit of lock on the steering problably a 10-15 min job?

ok so the same adjustment as the standard bar then.



My Exige should be here next week…Yeah!

So for a guy here in the states can you be more specific on what your upgrades were?

I know what LSD is, but not the other ones. Like the lower ride height.


are you planning on altering the arb setting along with the shock absorbers on trackdays?

Really interested in seeming some more pictures of the installation and the adjustment of the Ohlins, together with your impressions after a few more hours on road/track with them.

I managed to get some pics on the phone of the set up at the front



The pics are of the front driver side looking back. In the first you can see the inside of the wheel on the left of the pic. The first shows the ARB the second shows the Ohlins.

And yes I do intend to change the ARB depending on conditions.
Plans suggested four settings
one for a dry track
one for fast road
one for a wet track
and one for standing water type wet track with the ARB not attached.

Will update as I put some miles on

BTW the LSD is great, I have a tricky road I have to pull out on one the way to work and I used to always end up spinning the inside wheel instead of getting out the way of the on coming bus! Now its great I come out the turning with no wheel spin just a bit of opposite lock

Have a look on http://www.plansmotorsport.com/ and send them a mail if you are interested

Is that a good location for the reservoirs ?

Looks quite vunerable to me …

It might be just the pic as they are tucked well up and out the way.

Jamie - thanks for the photos.

Disconnecting the arb - wouldn’t it flap about a bit - you are relying on it being held only on the bushes?

Remote reservoirs - was fitting them in the front services hatch ruled out for some reason? The adjusts may be different to the Nitron ones (I have no idea?) but I have heard several people comment that that get stuck/seized from being in an exposed position at the top of the damper. Yours look even more exposed.

Not overly keen on the fact that the braided pipe to the reservoir possibly gets to rub on the chassis!

If you disconnect the ARB it only needs doing at one end. The disconnected drop link can then be cable tied out of the way to make space for the ARB to move freely.

Is that a good location for the reservoirs ?

Looks quite vunerable to me …

Looks like it wouldn’t like a gravel trap incursion.


I try and stay out of the kitty litter

Not that you even plan on going to the gravel!

I think most of us have been there at one time or another, Pesky and Miniman being the only “coordinated dance to the kitty litter” that I’ve seen

Nice! (but kind of scary being just behind)