July 2006 Exige S for Sale

See www.pistonheads.com/sales/240543.htm

This car is absolutely immaculate and unmarked so if you want a good one, make me an offer. I would mention also that the photos don’t do justice to the colour - it looks much nicer in the flesh, especially when the sun is shining.
Also it is the latest model with 3 light headlamp cluster and fly-by-wire throttle.


Phone 07990973881 (if I don’t answer, leave a message and I will get back to you) or email me via pistonheads or this forum.

Loverly spec car, such a shame it doesn’t have a/c, it’s a real killer for re-sale

I’m really surprised it hasn’t sold sooner though, would have thought you’ve priced it sensibly.

The market does seem very quiet at the moment.

Thanks for your comments. As I say in my advert, air con isn’t essential. It is a Lotus after all and there is a limit to how much mollycoddling you need to drive what is quite an extreme car on the road. It is a pity the weather is getting colder, otherwise I could demonstrate what it is like on a hot day. Also it saves weight by not having it.

I have had a number of enquiries about it but only one person has actually seen the car - and he made an offer. The car looks really good so if someone wants an S and is prepared to ignore the dealer bulls**t about air con they could get a fully specced bargain.



Appreciate you didn’t want aircon, but you are definately in the minority on that score.

It wasn’t a question of not wanting air con but rather of spending the money on enhancements to make it a better track car rather than air con. Given the simple choice of having air con or not, we would all go for the air con, but it is more complicated in this case as a lot of expensive upgrades are provided instead of air con. Potential buyers should take this into account is all I am saying and furthermore the car is being offered at a massive discount (�10,000+) because of the lack of air con. I still maintain that the car is perfectly enjoyable without air con and is no worse on a hot day than my wife’s Micra, which also doesn’t have air con.

Hope this makes sense.


If you want a better track car and Aircon just buy mine :slight_smile:

I often use the aircon its great

tee hee

Aircon is not an essential item, I dont have it and have had absolutely no problems what so ever. On a really hot day having the window open an inch or so does the job perfectly well even when on a motorway (its certainly no noiser than with the window shut that is for sure…) I also agree that aircon is a weight adding, power sapping unit that really doesnt belong on cars like this. I even hate the electric windows Lotus offer (yes I know they are lighter). I personally love the wind down jobbies, for me it’s the little touches like that that constantly remind me I am in a 2 seater sports car… Everyone to their own though.

This is Chris’s advert to sell his car and although the bulk of the advert is over on p/h (tut, tut, a few piccies and spec would do no harm here you know), could we at least show a little restraint in picking holes in it (even if we do have our own cars to sell) and if you are not wanting to buy it perhaps it would be better to say nothing at all…


No one is picking holes in the car at all, Gav. In fact just the opposite is true if you re-read the comments posted.

Potential buyers will make their own minds up, & I wish Chris a speedy sale.

PS When’s yours going up for sale then?

PPS Are you coming to Donny this Sunday - the VVR Chariot is making another appearance in the AMOC Endurance Race?

Ah, the voice of reason Tarmac Terrorist and also Mr Pesky as well in his last post. I would post some pics here if I could work out how to do it!


As a track car, air con is worthless (it doesn’t function on full throttle by design), which while negating the power sapping arguement, weight saving counts for fook all at 90mph+

So its a great offer for track use but may not attract too many for road use

Good luck with the sale

The car is now sold - to someone who has owned 4 Lotus’s previously, so it is going to a good home. Very sad to see it go but we hope to move onward and upward with a Radical.