Jude Motorsport

Anyone used Jude MS in Newcastle or recommend anywhere else for pre trackday check before Donnington?

Have you got a schedule from them of what they will do? How much are they going to charge?

Unless you are a complete mechanical numpty most things you can check yourself. A list is HERE

I’ve been there a couple of times for an oil change and to have my HIDs, and a 13psi oil pressure switch, fitted. Everything has been fine. In fact I’m pleased to have an independent specialist within shouting distance at last. As I recall, Dan travelled over to Carlisle to get Johnny Hayward’s Elise sorted following a recent electrical problem and that kind of service is pretty reassuring if you ever get stuck somewhere.

Plus … there seems to be a picture of my Exige and Johnny’s Duratec Elise on the the JPS web site!

Jude are great and cheap! Dan is very friendly and knows his stuff and I would recomend them to any lotus owner!