JRZ- Best SPRING & DAMPER ASSEMBLY for the Exige !!!

Hi,i bought a JRZ SPRING & DAMPER ASSEMBLY. See Foto. This is the best i have ever driven. It has been devloped and tested on the track for Exige and Elise racing ! I has the best handling! Have a nice day… any one coming to Hockenheim on Tueday to the track day RegardsFabian [image]http://www.fabianflach.de/exige/lotus/my%20exige/jrz.gif[/image] www.fabianflach.de/exige [This message has been edited by fabian (edited 25 October 2002).]

Hi Fabian,How much are they?Just curious, did you ever make it to L.A. last week? I was expecting you to call, but never heard from you.E-mail [email protected]

Fabian,Do you have any data on those (spring rates, etc)? How do they compair to the Dynamic Suspension setup?ThanksRoy