JohnO's Exige

Hi all, collecting John0’s car Tuesday pm and can’t wait.
Previously had an Elise S1 with A038R and Leda used in the Hill Climb and Sprint Association Championship, but really looking forward to the extra few horses and down force.
Anyone on here competing in sprints or hillclimbs?

Welcome to the BBS Adam.

As you’ll read on the other posting, we’re having a bit of and ‘team hug’ this week. Ownership of an Exige and this BBS seems to be much more than just 4 wheels.

I look forward to meeting. Good luck with the sprints etc (and yes, there’s a few partakers out there).


welcome to the board adam

hope you enjoy your car and come along to some of the events.

Thanks Ian/ Rox, really looking forward to collecting car this afternoon. Will have to make some detail changes so the car becomes mine.

What is the general feeling about this car from people who have seen/ driven it before? After driving 5 other cars priced �23-25k, I couldn’t miss it, seems to be better than all of them.

What events/ meets are coming up?

It’s because it IS better than all of them.

You got a real bargain there!

It is a bloody cracker and you got a real bargain. It should be OK, as it has been driven in the manner of a big girl, and has never gone past 6000rpm.


its been loved like an exige should be loved… i’m sure veronica has been round that way at some stage…

Well I said my goodbyes yesterday morning… most sad. I am sure Adam will look after the old girl.
I am now trying to get to grips with the new beaatie…may take some time I feel… could be a handful but bags of fun :

300miles yesterday and I didn’t want to stop. Yes I did get a bargain, but you have to be lucky sometime.

I did the same as JohnO with my Elise, offered it on the British Cars site for the part exchange price, hoping an enthusiast would buy. No takers unfortunately.

JohnO, enjoy the new machine, it looked stunning in the carpark. Your more than welcome at a trackday to drive your old car.

Firstly, welcome Adam - we look forward to seeing you

Secondly - most impressed with JohnO’s Noble, which he brought round to Chez Pesky last evening Although there are some similarities to the Exige in the way it drives, it is essentially a bloody fast roadcar/grand tourer. Would be an absolute joy to drive through France, & beyond - provided you don’t need to take a suit etc

I was talking to a Noble owner while having my tyres fitted on Saturday and he agrees Pesky. Although I understand its tame suspension means it’s fantastic in the wet!

Apparently, a Nitroned Noble was 5.5secs a lap quicker around Brands GP, piloted by Andrew Walsh, than the std car. So it can be made to ‘Go’.


So it can be made to ‘Go’.

Oh, it goes alright as it is, I can assure you John’s car is the 3R version, with baffled sump & nice wheels. I’m sure that it will be pretty rapid on track too