Job Well Done

Picked up the car from Kelvedon Motors (Pat Thomas)yesterday and managed to get over to Bruntingthorpe for half a day’s testing of the resultSummary of work done :-A ServiceQuick shift plus rose joint modications to linkagesImproved engine bay cooling by opening behind number plateDucting to cool alternator from o/s intakeNew toe links and bottom wishbone modificationSet up of all suspension with corner weightingGiven that I am the biggest numpty in respect of suspension set up, I can only report that having driven round Bruntingthorpe, the change is amazing, even to a driver of my limited experience and abilityThe suspension mods are I think are “unique” inasmuch that they use a shortened toe link connected to a modified lower wishbone. They combine this with a total check of the existing geometry which corrects the often incorrect factory set upConclusion - forget power - think about set up - is all else fails - learn how to driveDavid

Good to here you like it.I would point out that the toe link design is NOT “unique”.It was orriginally designed by Mike Pilbeam some 3 years ago, I have the first customer set and did a lot of the testing work for it.Pat asked to borrow one (on the pre-text of selling them) and then just copied it, (he has a history of doing this will all sorts of stuff - ask Tony Thompson about him).Bell & Colville also borrowed a set, and them proptly got them banned from 750 reggs because they did not sell them!I suppose all this is fine from a buissness perspective, but it’s hardly honerable or fair.Simon (S)

David,Does it look like this ? [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Phil (edited 03 March 2003).]

PhilPreferred the pictures of the moggies! - was thinking about a suitable reply - but didn’t want to be accused of being catty if you see what I mean [image][/image]Yes - looks very similar arrangmentDavid

David - what’s the benefit - what made you get them and most importantly how much did it all cost?